PMActive - Project Management Simplified

PMActive - Project Management Solution

PMActive is a collaborative application that simplifies project management for an organization's project managers and project team. Our product enables project managers to focus on right areas and deliver projects timely and successfully. There are no heavy upfront hardware & software costs as this product is cloud based.

PMActive enables project managers with tools to support the entire lifecycle of a project. Features and functionality include the ability to assign project tasks, manage budgeting and expenses, collaborate on and achieve innovative approaches, and also record all project vendor details. In addition, project managers can manage relevant project scenarios like change orders and will have real time visibility to help them identify risks or issues that may impede their ability to meet objective or deadlines.

As a featured packed product with easy pay per use licensing model, PMActive is a perfect choice for project management software.

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Stay Ahead, Deliver Timely

  • Effective Planning, Scheduling & Monitoring of projects
  • Risks, Costs, Scope Management
  • Action Items / Individual To Do Lists tracking
  • Bird's eye view of status, problems and tasks ahead
  • One place to store and share project documents
  • Organize Customer, Vendor, Contacts directory

Optimize performance, Save time and money

  • Cost savings through Innovation
  • Configurable Workflows, Approvals, Email Notifications
  • Integrated Chatter for easy collaboration
  • Uniquely designed interfaces for ease of use
  • Powerful reports and dashboards

Focus on business, not technology

  • Built on, a cloud platform from
  • No special software or hardware requirements
  • Zero Hardware Maintenance overhead
  • Secured environment and amongst best industry uptimes
  • Automated data backup
  • Receive updates on mobile chatter

Our Vision

"Offer smart services and solutions that enable small and medium sized enterprises achieve operational excellence."

Appexchange Program Partner

Appexchange Program Partner

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